The Life of Gus: The Dog with the Big Head (Paperback)

The Life of Gus: The Dog with the Big Head By Sandee Roquemore-Maxwell Cover Image
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Gus was once a much-loved dog who lived a happy life. Then things began to change. His owner neglected and eventually abandoned him. He suffered abuse and cruelty from passing humans, deteriorating physically and emotionally. Over time, things out of his control began to shape Gus, his life, and his future.

Gus was found by local rescuers in September 2018. He was in horrific condition, so he was immediately taken for medical treatment sponsored by the Houston K-911 Rescue group. Gus had many medical issues to overcome, he had a long recovery with lots of support from people all over the world, but now he is happy and healthy. Gus has a forever family now and he is loved, pampered and cherished, as every dog should be.

Author Sandee Roquemore-Maxwell has worked with rescue dogs in the Houston area for many years. She understands that the key to a better future for animals is to teach the next generation to have compassion for those left in their care. The story of Gus reminds kids how to love their pets, and what to do if they see one abandoned, while instilling respect for animals everywhere.

About the Author

Sandee Roquemore-Maxwell is a long time lover of our four-legged furry friends. This is the first in her series of children's books written to help little ones see that animals are to be loved and treated with respect.
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ISBN: 9781480874190
ISBN-10: 1480874191
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication Date: March 15th, 2019
Pages: 56
Language: English